Sunday, January 29, 2017


Another artifact this week, this time one created for the newest member of my current Exalted campaign. Treesplitter(Green Jade Power Bow, Artifact • • •) Treesplitter was made from the living heart of an ancient Jadewood, a rare and sacred Elemental tree that grows above green Jade deposits and infuses the Jade into its wood. The tree was shattered during a fight between Immaculate monks of the Wyld Hunt and an Anathema in the Far East. Ultimately, the Anathema perished when she was thrown against the tree with shattering force. To honor the Elemental, the Immaculate Monks took the heart of the tree and forged it into a mighty bow to be used by the Hunt. Treesplitter has one hearth stone socket set above the bow's handgrip. Evocations of Treesplitter A Solar or Dragonblooded who attunes Treesplitter can use arrows fired from the bow to perform feats of demolition. Roll (Strength + Archery) to attempt the feat. With Treesplitter, the Exalt can attempt feats of demolition that require up to (Essence + 2) Strength. Armor-Sundering Shot Cost: 5m, 1wp; Mins: Essence 2; Type: Supplemental Keywords: Dual Duration: Instant Essence hardens around an arrow fired from Treesplitter as the bow remembers the strike that shattered the ancient jadewood. Armor-Sundering Shot allows a withering attack to ignore all of an enemy’s soak from armor, or a decisive attack to ignore (higher of Essence or 3) hardness. This Evocation may only be used once per scene, unless it's reset by dealing 3+ levels of damage with Treesplitter then building back up to Initiative 12+.

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